Why Does My Dog Eat My Underwear?

by Tom Ken

It can be disheartening and frustrating to find your favorite underwear shredded into tiny pieces by your dog. Eating underwear is also dangerous for your pet as the fabric usually contains chemicals, and ingesting it can have adverse health effects. Therefore, it is vital to understand why dogs eat underwear and stop the habit for their safety and overall wellbeing.

Why Does My Dog Eat My Underwear?
Why Does My Dog Eat My Underwear?

Why Does My Dog Eat My Underwear?

Various things can lead dogs to chew underwear, and while some can be surprising, others are a result of typical dog behaviors. Here are a few of them.

1. Teething

For puppies between 4 and 7 months, teething is one of the main reasons they chew your underwear. At this age, pets can feel very uncomfortable and want to chew on anything they encounter as they seek relief.

2. Boredom

Dogs are super active animals that hate sitting around doing nothing when not sleeping. Therefore, if your dog gets bored, it can end up chewing on things like undies to play or keep busy.

If you are not giving the pet enough attention, it can end up chewing your underwear to draw your attention.

Remember that hyperactive breeds such as German shepherd and hunting dogs need lots of physical activity to utilize their extra energy every day. When they do not get the workout they desire, these dogs can engage in destructive activities like chewing undies.

3. Pica Syndrome

Pica Syndrome is an appetite anomaly where dogs desire to eat non-food items. With this condition, the pet can eat anything it finds lying around, such as rocks, underwear and socks.

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This anomaly is often more common among puppies, and it also affects some humans. While there are various causes of Pica Syndrome, it often results from medical issues like anemia, diabetes, malnutrition, and neurological disorders.

If you suspect the dog has this problem, it is essential to talk to a vet for a physiological or psychological examination to determine what is triggering the condition. The good news is that simple dosage or diet change is often enough to manage the disorder for most cases.

4. Chasing Scent

Dogs have one of the best senses of smell among all animals and can pick up almost any scent even when far away. Given the bond they have with their owners, anything that smells like them will consistently draw them.

Undies carry the smell of their owners, and so once the pet detects it, they can spend a lot of time playing with them out of excitement. In the process, the pet ends up chewing the underwear accidentally and sometimes deliberately.

Tips To Discourage Your Dog from Eating Your Underwear

Tips To Discourage Your Dog From Eating Your Underwear
Tips To Discourage Your Dog From Eating Your Underwear
  • Keep the Underwear Out of Reach: The best thing you can do to prevent your pup from eating undies is to keep them in an area they cannot access. A hamper with a top lid is a perfect place to store your undies as the dog cannot open one.
  • Give the Pooch a Chew Toy: A chew toy can help satisfy the pet's urge to chew on things when teething. Therefore, giving yours one can be very useful at discouraging it from chewing other things like undies.
  • Use Anti-Chew Spray: While some pet parents have a negative notion regarding anti-chew spray, they can be effective. Spraying your undies with the bitter apple taste that dogs hate deters them from chewing.
  • Talk to a Vet: Since your dog might have an underlying disorder that drives it to chew underwear, talking to a vet for medical assistance can be very helpful.


Destructive dog behaviors like chewing and eating underwear are quite common. While different things from hunger to medical conditions can cause this problem, the most important thing is always to find ways to prevent and solve the issue. Keeping your underwear out of reach at all times and providing an alternative chew toy are among the best ways to deal with the problem.


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